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Introducing the Pireel. Affordable Digital Signage

The Pireel digital signage player was developed for small business on the Raspberry Pi as an affordable digital signage solution that delivers content to screen and mobile devices. With or without access to the cloud, "feed" and captivate your audience via the Pireel display and interact with mobile users for a full venue experience.

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer (SBC) that was originally developed as an educational tool to encourage students all over the world to learn and embrace computing. Built to be able to use almost any TV or monitor as its screen, its versatility to quickly be used as a stand alone computer took the world by storm. It has evolved to be a great success in the do-it-yoursefl (DIY) community.

Push content to monitor. Feed content to mobile.

Display HD Video, Youtube, images and HTML content on any attached tv or monitor via HDMI. The onboard WiFi access point allows you to offer captive WiFi content with or without an internet connection.

The versitility to offer 'heads up' and 'heads down' content can transform your venue into an information and marketing portal for your business.

So, whether your venues attendees are mobile savvy or not, you can provide the content needed. From wayfinding at a festival to offer today's food specials at a restaurant, you're covered.

Onboard CMS. Control local or remotely.

The Pireel player has an onboard content management system that allows easy access and control of the display content. Easy access through the network via ethernet or WiFi. From using the WYSIWYG HMTL editor to create content to adjusting the timing for each content segment, you are in control. Customized to your venue to manage your way.

Many signage vendors are focused on SaaS based content management to generate recurring revenue by charging per display or for the CMS, either way you have a recurring expense that doesn't go away. From a total cost of ownership, this needs to be considered. We consider a digital signage implementation to be just that. No different than building and maintaining a website. The costs are straightforward and you have choices.