Solutions Experience

After a 25+ years professional career in providing enterprise marketing and IT solutions in the corporate IT world, I have brought my experience to provide services for the local business owner. As a local independent developer in Las Vegas, NV and Sheboygan, WI, I work one on one with clients to identify their needs and deploy reasonably priced digital marketing solutions. With a focus on mobile presence via mobile websites, mobile apps and social media, I can help bring your marketing strategy and deployment to the next level. Whether you simply need more foot traffic and leads for your brick and mortar store or want to begin selling online with an eCommerce site, I can help.

As people continue to get 'unchained' from their desktops by migrating to mobile tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, there is a growing necessity for business owners and marketers to meet user expectations. Most websites display poorly on mobile devices and lack the functionality users expect. As a result, my focus has moved towards being 'mobile first' in design, functionality and how our client's offerings are presented. With a responsive site design the same site can serve smartphone, tablet and desktop users equally well without managing seperate content for each.

For many small businesses it is sometimes difficult to navigate through salesman’s hype on what the internet can do for you. If needed, I will help you understand the basics and why you need to engage with the internet on at least a basic marketing level. Not having your business represented well on the internet and on mobile devices is like having an unlisted phone number! was built on the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven me for years, beginning during the dot com boom in the late 1990s. After years in the corporate world, that kind of working passion was a welcome change and has been the driving force that has been behind our company's evolution.

Whether you have an existing website or are deploying a new presence, keeping current with the latest beneficial technologies is challenging at minimum. As the convergence of digital media with the explosion of social and mobile networks continue, marketers need to continually adapt their competencies and strategies to leverage the emerging technologies.

To address this challenge, I utilize an established network of resources in the ‘competency cloud’ of partnered and freelance talent that has evolved in the past decade. In the globally outsourced world, we have chosen to develop known relationships , primarily in the US. Cost is always a concern, but not a priority compared to delivered value and ROI. Identifying and deploying the best resources available is one of our core competencies.

I have been involved in marketing, data, technology and the internet for many years working hands on in the trenches to managing large teams and multi-million dollar projects. Having chosen to focus on small businesses and a relatively limited number of clients enables me to build customer relationships not just invoices. We prefer to engage with customers that are looking for ROI driven results in a entreprenurial structure. I am agile and can develop programs rapidly.

In 2011, I was approached by a local farm implement dealer to sell snow blowers online. With my corporate experience in various facets of deploying eCommerce properties, I took on the project. Although it is a competitive market, we managed to compete with the big box stores and other large online retailers to generate three times the sales achieved in the brick & mortar store! Through comprehensive analytics to manage marketing ad spend, shipping costs and price points, the eCommerce site created substantial incremental profits. Let me show you how!

You may end up asking yourself why you aren’t selling online! With recent tough economic times and global competition, many brick & mortar retailers are challenged to maintain revenues, no less grow them. If you're losing customers to internet based competition or simply want to open a new channel for incremental sales, selling online may be the solution. Even though selling online can be challenging, it may not be as expensive or difficult as you might expect.


Technology Experience

Magento eCommerce - Merchant account, fraud detection and shopping cart integration.

Experience deploying multiple Magento eCommercies sites from 'soup to nuts'. Also, deployed a custom shopping cart integration for a SaaS project utilizing a large provider's merchant account with complete integration and fraud configuratons.

Server side scripting - PHP, Perl, Curl

Extensive knowledge of PHP and Curl for complex API integrations on the server side including ping trees and REST API integrations. Extensive experience with rapid REST deployments for usage in web based applications and digital signage.

CMS - Joomla, Wordpress

Experience developing various Joomla and Wordpress presence websites with a strong knowledge of Joomla including overriding core components and styling. I began moving away from CMS driven sites because I am more comfortable hand-coding and find that customers prefer that I manage site content. Additionally, the flexibility of creating sites utilizing core frameworks that allow absolute control over responsive layouts.

JavaScript, jQuery, JQM, AJAX, JSON

Solid capabilites in JavaScript and jQuery. Utilized AJAX heavily in interface development, ping tree and secure cloud storage projects. Examples include, developing a custom CMS attaching to multiple content APIs for digital signage and a consumer facing website to securely store personal information in the cloud using AJAX in a PCI Compliant environment.

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap

Experience in CSS3 and recently migrated to utilizing LESS and bootstrap as primary frontend developement workflow.

MYSQL, SQL Server, Oracle. MS access, DB/2, DB/400

Database experience began creating large consumer databases for a main credit bureau's marketing division in the 90s, subsequent projects using most major database platforms. Strongest and most recent experience using MYSQL in LAMP environments

SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Shopping, SEO PowerSuite

I provide my own hosting for client and comfortable setting up the all the Google toolsets to support monitoring traffic and supporting SEO improvements. Additionlly, I have deployed Google Shopping in concert with Google Adwords to drive traffic and conversions for multiple eCommerce sites.

Learning Curve Goals

Improve OOD skills, Creative and more Frameworks

Although I utilize object oriented programming and am quite familiar the concepts, I would like to improve my capabilites. Creatively, I am profient in Photoshop CS and can manage layers, image processing, text overlay and most common techniques used to create site content and marketing materials. Although my core competencies are with structure, data and functionality, I wish to be able to focus more time on enhancing my layout, skinning and graphic design skills.